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The Full Force Series 3 Episode 3 – Roll Out Roll Call is HERE!

Only a few short days before Roll Out Roll Call 2016 hits London, and The Full Force Podcast is talking all about it.

Not only that, but the guys talk JoeCon and cover all the latest G.I. Joe and Action Force news and info.  Head on over to the What’s on Joe Mind Podbean page to download the latest episode, or you can listen to the embedded feed below.

Also, make sure to check out the Full Force Facebook Page for all the show notes and goodies from this episode.



Action Man’s 50th Anniversary brings big things for British hero

Most G.I. Joe collectors are intimately familiar with the fact that across the pond, our Real American Hero (and the 12″ version that came before) were introduced under a slightly different moniker.

Action Man hit the ground running over in Europe back in the 60s and is celebrating his 50th Anniversary this year in a pretty huge way.

In Loveland, Colorado today at the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention, Dave Tree, reknowned Palitoy and Hasbro UK expert (as well as the mastermind behind UK G.I. Joe & Transformers convention Roll Out Roll Call), revealed some exciting plans for Action Man throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017.  He held a fantastic panel and has graciously allowed GeneralsJoes to display his panel slides RIGHT HERE.  This is awesome, and I’m honored that Dave is willing to let me do this, because there is some pretty exciting breaking news here.

In 2016, Action Man will be celebrating his 50th Anniversary with SIX new products, all 12″ action figures, very reminiscent of original figures from his original years of release.  Looking forward, there are TEN proposed products for 2017 in the UK as well.

Along with this, Action Man is poised to make his debut in comics with IDW Publishing, playing a large role in the upcoming Revolution story line.  Along with all of this, some pretty exciting news as Action Man will actually be launched into space!

This coming Sunday, June 19th, the Mercury 10 Action Man will be sent up to orbit as a celebration of his 50th Anniversary.  Dave Tree revealed all of this for the FIRST TIME at JoeCon today, and again, has kindly offered his slide deck to GeneralsJoes, which is mirrored below.

Regardless of whether or not your an American G.I. Joe fan or a European Action Man fan, the two brands have a ton of shared history and it’s pretty fantastic to see how Action Man’s 50th Anniversary is being celebrated.  Folks who love the vintage aesthetic and long for some new and exciting 12″ product be prepared, because some great stuff is no the horizon!

Huge thanks to Dave Tree again, and check out all of the mirrored images below.  If you like what you see here, please try and make plans to attend Roll Out Roll Call, one of the most exciting international toy conventions out there, and a sure fired source for one hell of a good time.

Special exclusive G.I. Joe/Transformers Cover for Roll Out Roll Call!

An exciting announcement from the folks at Roll Out Roll Call!  Attendees of the show in London Heathrow will get a special opportunity to own Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #13 with a special exclusive cover by Robert Atkins and Joana LaFuente.

There will be a run of only 250 of these exclusive covers featuring a number of characters played by convention guests Morgan Lofting and Neil Ross. Your best chance to get this exclusive comic is at Roll Out Roll Call!  Along with this, they’ve already announced exclusive availability of previously sold out Botcon exclusives!

The show is July 8th – 9th at London Heathrow and is a favorite show for many fans.  Boss Fight Studio will be there, likely with a bunch of product in hand to sell!

There’s going to be lots to love about this year’s Roll Out Roll Call, and you can find all of the great details over on their Facebook page.  Tickets are on sale now, so don’t wait!


Surprises in store at Roll Out Roll Call 2015?

We are less than a week from the UK’s biggest and best G.I. Joe/Transformers Convention, Roll Out Roll Call, in Southampton!  Attendees have come to expect a fantastic show with lots of great dealers, great insight from special guests and lots more.

Well, this year, things might be getting even MORE interesting.

Fun Publications’ own Pete Sinclair will be in attendance at Roll Out Roll Call this year, and will be hosting panels to talk about what’s coming up for the Transformers AND G.I. Joe Collectors Clubs!  Time will tell if there will be any special news or reveals from the show, but it seems to be they wouldn’t be doing panels if they didn’t have some fun new stuff to talk about.

If you live anywhere near Southampton, UK, this could be a very unique opportunity to come to a show and soak up this fun hobby and enjoy the company of a GREAT crew of diehard G.I. Joe (and Transformers, and Masters of the Universe, etc…) fans.  Everything I hear about the show is good.

Check out all the details at All The Cool Stuff or on Facebook and I’ve mirrored some info below as well.  This should be another great show!

So on top of the amazing exclusives that were available for pre-order atRoll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show, the Transformers Collectors’ Club (Official) and G.I. Joe Collectors’ Clubhave a few special surprises AND PRODUCT REVEALS in store.

Saturday, Transformers Collectors’ Club Panel at 16:00

Join Pete Sinclair from the Transformers Collectors’ Club as he gives you an insight into the Club, offers up NEW PRODUCT REVEALS and discusses the 2016 official Collectors’ Convention, BotCon.

Sunday, Transformers & G.I. Joe Collectors’ Clubs Q&A Panel at 15:00

Once again join Pete Sinclair from Fun Publications who will field your questions relating to both Collectors’ Clubs, with A SPECIAL FIRST LOOK AT UPCOMING ITEMS for the G.I. Collectors’ Club.


Roll Out Roll Call 2015 – Last Chance to Pre-Order Exclusives!


Today Is The Last Day To Pre-Order & Guarantee Your Transformers & G.I. Joe Roll Out Roll Call Exclusives!!!

Weekend Pass Holders can guarantee their exclusives pre-ordering by the 17th of September.

If you have purchased a Weekend Pass to Roll Out Roll Call, The UK Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force Show you will be able to pre-order the following exclusives whilst stocks last.

Pre-order by the 17th of September 2015 to guarantee for pick up at Roll Out Roll Call.

Please note this list is for guaranteed pre-paid pre-order only, and not necessarily representative of products that will be available for purchase at the show. If you are interested in any of these items, pre-order is strongly recommended.

Some products are limited, once quantities have sold through, that is it, they are gone.
Transformers Pre-Orders:
2015 Transformers Club Exclusive Lio Convoy (1 pc) £30
2015 Transformers Club Exclusive Nova Prime TM (1 pc) £48
2014 Transformers Club Exclusive Polybagged Rampage (1 pc) £27
2014 Transformers Club Exclusive Trans-mutate (1 pc) £45
2013 Transformers Club Exclusive Polybagged Depthcharge (1 pc) £12
2015 BotCon Exclusive “Cybertron: Most Wanted” Five Figure Boxed Set £317
2015 BotCon Exclusive Waruder (each, 4 different) £32
2015 BotCon Exclusive Diaclone Explorers (Burn Out & Life-Ticket) 2 pack £60
2015 BotCon Exclusive Generations 2 (General Prime and Sgt Hound) 2 pack £65
2015 BotCon Exclusive KRE-O Earth’s Most Wanted 6 pack £22
2014 BotCon Exclusive KRE-O Anniversary set 6-pack £22
2014 Transformers Game Figure Subscription Service Figure Rewind 1 pc £37
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Chromedome 1 pc £65
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Treadshot 1 pc £47
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Thrustinator 1 pc £60
2014 Transformers Figure Subscription Service Figure Fisitron 1 pc £47
Crossover sets:
2015 Transformers Club/G.I. Joe Club Crossover Exclusive MARISSA FAIREBORN & AFTERBREAKER (1 pc) £38
2015 Transformers Club/G.I. Joe Club Crossover Exclusive OLD SNAKE & STEALTH B.A.T.s (1 pc) £65
G.I. Joe: 
2015 3 3/4 GIJoe Con Exclusive Tiger Force Vs Iron Grenadiers Convention Set (1 pc) £300
2015 12″ GIJoeCon The Adventures of G.I. Joe Test Pilot featuring Fantastic Freefall and Descent Into Darkness Convention Set (1 pc) £270
2014 33/4 GIJoeCon Zombie Initiative Convention Set (1 pc) £215
2015 Polybag 3 3/4″ Club Exclusive “Arctic: Dr Mindbender Figure (1 pc) £25
2015 3 3/4″ Carded Club Exclusive Dr. Mindbender (1 pc) £30
2015 G.I. Joe Club Exclusive COBRA WAVE CRUSHER with COBRA SUB VIPER (1 pc) £35
2015 12″ Club Exclusive Doctor Isotope: the Radioactive Menace (Glow in the Dark) Figure w/ Accessory set (1 pc) £55
2014 3 3/4 G.I. Joe H.A.V.O.C.(Heavy Assault Vehicle Ordnance Carrier) MK-II (1 pc) £35
2013 12” Club Exclusive Comrade of Action Figure (1 pc) £30
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Cobra Supreme Ninja Master: Night Creeper Leader Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Alpine Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Hit & Run Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Vypra Figure (1 pc) £33
2015 3 3/4 Club Exclusive FSS G.I. JOE Spearhead Figure (1 pc) £33
To order your weekend ticket and pre-order your exclusives, click here:–GI-Joe-Convention/Exclusives__c-p-0-0-241-185.aspx
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