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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Exclusives

The carded figures have all been reviewed!  The only character toys left are the Vitruvian HACKS Exclusive offerings.  With the first Kickstarter batch I’d already covered Talos, and other exclusives (such as Eternal Struggle Undead Warrior & Ringneck GorgonUltimate Spartan and Amazon Elite Warrior) are cataloged already as well.

That just leaves the Celestial Battle, Ghosts of the Battlefield, PreCurse Medusa, and the Tartarus Guard left.  Every single last one of them is on the docket today.

Is everyone else as amazed as I am with the sheer amount of product with this Kickstarter?  I haven’t even talked about the Accessory Packs, Blanks, or Skeletons yet.  Good grief.  Check out the latest reviews on my Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or the links below directly.