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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Celestial Perseus

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Throughout the HACKS line we are getting all sorts of different characters from the visceral and realistic to the metaphysical and elemental.  Offered as a Kickstarter only exclusive, the Celestial Warriors 2-Pack shows Perseus and Medusa facing off against each other as seen in the constellations in the night sky.


This version of Perseus is the only representation of the character we see in the line, which feels a bit strange considering how crucial he is to the Medusa mythology.  That being said, this particular version is certainly a really nice expression of the famous Greek Mythology character and ties it in nicely into a format we’re familiar with, for those of us who study the stars.


The figure build is fairly straight-forward, the basic Spartan figure with smooth armor and shin guards, only with what looks to be the Leonidas head sculpt, full beard and all.  The semi transparent material for the figure makes it feel a little softer, but still retains impressive articulation.  The colors are a fantastic shifting shade of grays and blacks, semi-translucent and looking a lot like the night sky.  Scattered among the differing shades of color are tons of small luminescent stars, which stand out impressively among the somewhat gray figure backdrop, bringing the constellation itself to life.  The constellation of Perseus is a famous and well known one, a collection of stars in the Northern sky, and the idea of bringing the very stars themselves to life as a powerful character in the HACKS mythology is incredibly cool.



Perseus doesn’t come with much in the way of weaponry, just a sword, spear, armor, and helmet, but his shield is a definite highlight, showing the actual Perseus constellation in connected dots along the rounded surface of it.  I must admit I love how the star pattern of the accessories mesh perfectly with the deco on the figure itself in a way that they all come together to form a cohesive pattern, and Perseus looks like an extension of the sky weather he’s standing there alone, or with his armor.


I had a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the Celestial figures as part of the Kickstarter, and honestly I still do a little.  From a purely aesthetic perspective, they’re brilliant and look gorgeous, though I’m still not entirely certain where they fit in my little corner of the HACKS world.


Now it should be noted that the back of the package references Mirfak, Perseus’ brightest star and the location of an “intergalactic peacekeeping force” brought together 2500 years after the Gorgon War.  There’s mention of an interstellar war and what seems to be some serious hints to how this whole Vitruvian HACKS story will develop in the years to come.  Very, very fascinating, and a truly intriguing way to tie these deco’s into the main line, even if it still feels a little metaphysical.

Celestial Perseus
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


It’s nice to see Medusa’s mythical foil in the HACKS line, even if it’s in a somewhat ambiguous celestial state. Perseus is essentially a repainted Leonidas, but in the semi clear plastic with painted on stars it’s tough to tell. He’s got the great build we’re used to, and the paint and plastic work is absolutely fascinating. I’m not sure how much use this figure will get in my world, but it’s still pretty gorgeous to look at.