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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS – Penthesilea

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Another well established character in Greek mythology, Penthesilea was the queen of Amazons and the one-time wife of Achilles himself, a voracious warrior and a tragic character within the intricate mythology.  Her inclusion in the Vitruvian HACKS line is a welcome one, I love reading the history of some of these characters, especially ones who aren’t quite as well known.


With Achilles confirmed for release in Wave 6, it’s cool to see Penthesilea here (even if I need to check the spelling of her name every time) as a nice connection point between Achilles and bringing the Amazons into the story as well.  As usual, Boss Fight Studio does fantastic work walking that line between the established Greek myths and putting their own unique twist on these characters.

Penthesilea is written here as the Amazon Commander and the daughter of Ares, the God of War.  The story in her file card actually talks about Achilles’ betrayal of her and that she ended up leading an army of Amazons against him after he spurned her and joined the Gorgon Horde. As Achilles equal in battle, Penthesilea immediately gets some real credibility as leader of the Amazons.


As one might imagine, the base figure is the same as the Amazon and Elite Amazon, and that’s really fine with me, as the general female figure buck is one of my favorite aspects of the Vitruvian HACKS line.  Her head is the long-haired female head that’s included with all of the Blanks, and I love the streak of white contrasting against the black.



Unlike both the Amazon and Elite Amazon, Penthesilea doesn’t have any tattoos, and while the gold armor matches the standard Amazon warrior, her layered blue leather skirt is a really great color.  I love the shade of blue, it really differentiates her from her foot soldiers, yet still ends up looking like a realistic leather dyed material and not a completely unrealistic color.

Her articulation is terrific, with awesome rocker ankles, full range of motion throughout the limbs, and it compliments the slim sculpting perfectly as most of the female figures do.  She is one great looking figure and a nearly perfect addition to the already fantastic Amazon cadre of warriors.  With her different head sculpt, long hair, and streak of white she looks like an awesome elder stateswoman of the Amazons, the brave commander leading the attack against her former flame Achilles.



I certainly was never an expert in Greek mythology, but felt like I knew enough, but I had never heard the legend of Penthesilea.  Now that I know it, I’m thrilled that she got her own action figure, and greatly look forward to the release of Achilles.  It certainly helps that this figure has a great updated paint scheme and a head sculpt to differentiate her from her warriors.




Penthesilea comes with a nice assortment of accessories.  She has three swords, including the long sword, which is one that I really love.  The sheath in the back of her skirt holds one of the swords, and she can sport the other two as she battles through the Gorgon Horde.  Along with the swords she has her shield, decoed in a fantastic new paint pattern of what looks to be a winged horse attacking another horse.  I’m not sure what the cultural significance of the image is, but it looks awesome.


Penthesilia is a great figure.  The blue leather skirt, first use of the long hair blank head sculpt, and her awesome new shield all add some real great elements to an already impressive line up of Amazons.  She fits the bill of Amazon Commander to perfection and is a really great figure to boot.  Awesome addition to the mythology.

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With the nearly flawless female figure buck, excellent head sculpt and great updated color scheme, Penthesilea only serves to add more greatness to the already spectacular Amazon figures. As the Amazon Commander, she leads the pack, and while she compliments the other Amazons well, she also has her own distinct look.