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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Wave 3

Now this train is moving…  I covered the first four figures (Wave 2) of Vitruvian HACKS carded figures yesterday and it was just a precursor to the great stuff in store in Wave 3.  I’ve already covered Black Racer, who was one of the Wave 3 figures, but the remaining three (Myrmidon Warrior, Leonidas, and Eurayle) are now posted on the Vitruvian HACKS review page!

Among these three figures is probably my favorite figure of the entire HACKS run so far… you may be surprised at which one it is.  Check out the reviews below.


Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Leonidas

hacks-leonidas-01 hacks-leonidas-02

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At this point, mostly thanks to the Zack Snyder film, 300, the character of Leonidas is one that is relatively well known in popular culture.  One would assume, with the decision to focus on Spartans with their first series, that Boss Fight Studio would endeavor to produce a figure of Sparta’s most notorious leader, and they did.


The majority of this figure is the same as what we’ve seen in previous figures, at least from a structural standpoint.  He’s got the same greatly articulated base figure, with the easily swapping parts, nearly flawless sculpting, and impressive articulation.  From a long range aesthetic, he fits very nicely with the rest of the Spartan figures, but there are some subtle changes that differentiate him just enough.


First of all, his bearded head sculpt is different than the one released with the standard Spartan Warrior, though it’s the same one we see on the NJCC exclusive Ultimate Spartan.  It’s a really well done sculpt, with great detail on the beard, and very nice paint applications.  With all of the Vitruvian HACKS figures I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far, I haven’t noticed many issues with sloppy paint apps on the face, and the eyes in particular have been really nicely done.  Considering how tricky that is for even large scale toy factories, it bears mention here.


Leonidas’ skin tone is closer to the standard Spartan than the Ultimate and he isn’t caked with mud, dirt, and blood like the Ultimate version.  His armor is nice and polished bronze, and he’s got some great dark trim on his skirting that differentiates him from the more standard Spartan soldiers.  The color scheme is similar enough to jive with the rest, but just enough differences to help him stand out.  Just when I forget how great these basic figures are, I crack open one that doesn’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles, but the core figure is just so good that it makes me remember what a foundation Boss Fight Studio has built here.



Leonidas comes with a really nice assortment of accessories, though after seeing a figure like the Ultimate Spartan, it can feel a little less impressive.  From the perspective of a normal release carded figure, however, I’m extremely impressed by the sheer amount of weapons he comes with.


Leonidas has a helmet, spear, four swords, a sheath as well as his trusty Spartan shield along with the standard swappable hands and foot stand.  It’s a veritable arsenal of gear, and I think it suits him quite well.

I’ve already stated in another review that I much prefer the raw armored look of the Spartans over the slightly more decorative Athenians, Myrmidons, etc… and Leonidas is no exception.  He’s got the terrific base body, but is a more central character in the mythology and the darker trim distinguishes him from his peers.  A great figure as part of a great series.

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Everything there is to love about the Spartans, all in one awesome package. A unique, well known character with a great new head sculpt, the same excellent base Spartan figure with accessories, plus some nice, different gear. Leonidas seems to be a potential lynchpin to this conflict, and it’s awesome to get him included in the line up. I’ve been waiting for this guy!