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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Wave 4

Not one to shy away from an ambitious product launch, the folks at Boss Fight Studio Kickstarted four entire waves of product all at once, not to mention a number of exclusives, accessory sets, blanks and skeletons.  It’s almost insane to look back at the sheer amount of product involved in this initial barrage, while at the same time being very appreciative of that, because now we have a lot of fun stuff to take our time while we patiently await future product news.  🙂

I’ve been eagerly anticipating reviewing this particular wave of figures, mostly due to the inclusion of Stonefist, a character that I have some personal stake in.  The reviews for Wave 4 are now complete (as are reviews for all of the standard carded release figures so far) and you can find them on the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or directly linked below.



Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Disciple of Eurayle

hacks-disciple-01 hacks-disciple-02

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Every once in a while you come across a figure that you really like and the love of that particular figure and character manages to spill over into other figures in the line, and that’s precisely what’s happened here.  I was immediately captivated by Eurayle, and because I found her so great, I now find myself really enjoying the Disciple of Eurayle figures, too, her own personal highly trained strike force of completely devoted foot soldiers.  Rather than aligning herself purely with the Gorgon Horde, she is amassing herself a human army of hypnotized slaves for unknown nefarious purposes.


The figure itself is the normal male figure with a great bald head sculpt.  Impressive articulation as we’re used to, but what really sets the Disciple apart is the pale green skin tone.  It’s an awesome look and makes it really feel as if he’s infused with some kind of sinister energy (or Gorgon venom as the case may be).  He looks strong, powerful, and completely within Eurayle’s control.


Twin snake tattoos adorn his arms, adding to the intrigue with the deco choices, contrasting nicely with the lighter, more “zombie” like skin color.  It’s a great combination of interesting colors that makes him stand out among his human peers, yet also separate from the more typical Gorgon arsenal.


Wearing the same layered armor as the Myrmidon Warrior (and Talos) he looks fearful and well protected, and you can immediately picture Eurayle sending a squad of these death dealers into battle towards her own secret goal.



As mentioned, the Disciple of Eurayle comes with the great body armor of the Myrmidon Warrior (as well as Talos) including the more decorative leg armor as well.  He has a great helmet with awesome darker green deco, nicely balancing the lighter, paler green of his skin.  A familiar short sword and sheath, with the typical human shield gives him an initial burst of offense, all done up in gold color.  The snake tampo on his shield is the first indication enemy forces might have that something’s up.

I do have to mention that the longer of the two solid bladed weapons was a little warped out of the package.  Not sure why (the one that came with Eurayle was fine) or if its a persistent problem or not.


As a finishing touch, he also comes equipped with the same four knives that Eurayle comes with, too, immediately connecting the Disciples with their trusted and valued master.  It’s a really nice compliment of interesting weaponry, for sure.

The Disciple of Eurayle was another one of those figures that looked interesting during the Kickstarter, but I wasn’t entire sure how they would work into my universe.  After falling in love with Eurayle, my interest in her corner of the HACKS universe intensified greatly, and the Disciples have been caught in that wake.  A really cool addition to this world, and the figures are executed to perfection as well.

For the video review, look below.

Disciple of Eurayle
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A figure I wasn’t sure I needed and darn well wasn’t sure I wanted, but my infatuation with Eurayle has spilled over and now I find myself thoroughly enjoying her disciples. A terrific paint scheme does a great job of separating this figure from the pack, and the awesome deco of his armor only solidifies how cool he is. I like his backstory, love his ties to my favorite HACKS character, and the overall figure is about as solid a build as you can get. A win all around.