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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Wave 4

Not one to shy away from an ambitious product launch, the folks at Boss Fight Studio Kickstarted four entire waves of product all at once, not to mention a number of exclusives, accessory sets, blanks and skeletons.  It’s almost insane to look back at the sheer amount of product involved in this initial barrage, while at the same time being very appreciative of that, because now we have a lot of fun stuff to take our time while we patiently await future product news.  🙂

I’ve been eagerly anticipating reviewing this particular wave of figures, mostly due to the inclusion of Stonefist, a character that I have some personal stake in.  The reviews for Wave 4 are now complete (as are reviews for all of the standard carded release figures so far) and you can find them on the Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or directly linked below.



Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Colubrida Guard

hacks-colubrida-01 hacks-colubrida-02

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Even after three waves (plus exclusives) of frequent releases of Gorgon figures, you would think new Gorgons wouldn’t be quite so exciting, but I find myself enjoying every new release.  The Colubrida especially is an awesome entry into the Gorgon horde with a really cool, interesting new color scheme.  Based off a snake entitled the Colubrid (or Milk Snake) the primary color on this one is orange with various striations of slightly different twinges of orange and white stripes.  It’s a striking look that has a great combination of colors.


But for the Colubrida Guard, it’s about much more than just cool colors, its their backstory, too.  According to the bio cards, the Colubrida are cannibalistic, immune to other Gorgon venom and the commanding generals of the entire Gorgon horde.  Rare in number and strategic geniuses, these orange serpents are feared across the entirety of the Gorgon and Human armies.  Very cool.


As more and more retail toys are based off of movie and television properties, the opportunities to get creative with color pallet gets reduced, but what I love about Boss Fight Studio is that they are really turning up the creativity factor with their color selections.  The orange, white and black all balance themselves off perfectly creating a character that is really intriguing.  Armor and gauntlets are a glossy almost metallic black shining against the more matte finish of the figure itself.

Of course the structure of this figure is just as perfect as every other Gorgon we’ve received to date, and as I get more and more of these I only feel myself loving the format more.  An absolute marvel in engineering and a cool character to boot.



The Colubrida Guard comes with much the same as other Gorgon figures.  Her snake skull helmet is a brighter white and looks very much like the bone structure it’s supposed to mimic.  She has the stone sheath and stone shield as well as a pair of stone swords.  Extra hands and the foot peg finish off her assortment of gear.


The Colubrida Guard is an impressive new entry into the Gorgon Horde, a commander of the snake army and a terrific deco on the figure to boot.  Really great.

Colubrida Guard
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


One of the commanding generals of the Gorgon Horde, the Colubrida Guard looks menacing and packs a punch. The figure looks really nice with a colorful paint deco in a really nice and vibrant shade of orange and white, contrasted well by the glossy dark color of her armor. I love the story written into her bio, and every time I get a new gorgon, my life has a little more meaning. Great stuff.