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Tickets are now available for Coil Con 9

I just posted my last recap for JoeCon 2018 this morning, and here we are with tickets for Coil Con 9 on sale now!  You can reserve/purchase tickets either through their Facebook Events Page, or via at EventBrite:

Coil Con 9 features an exciting exclusive set of figures, including Scarab, Sidewinder Commander and Sidewinder Infantry.  With fantastic package art by John Jett, some amazing presentation and very cool looking figures, this may be an event you want to try and make it to.  Check out the images of the artwork and the figure mock ups below.  Make sure you’re following Coil Con on Facebook for the latest info.

Coil Con 7 Exclusive Figure #2 Revealed – SuperCop!

Coil Con 7 is happening next month, and the crew behind is has offered up another one of their exclusive figures for GeneralsJoes to reveal!

Long time G.I. Joe Collectors should be very familiar with this character, a Funskool exclusive from several years back using Sgt. Slaughter parts, the infamous SuperCop became a cult sensation among G.I. Joe collectors.  Thanks to some ambitious online retailers at the time, many domestic collectors got an opportunity to add SuperCop to their collections.

For those of you who haven’t, though, here’s your chance to get an awesome looking modern version, plus it dovetails nicely with the Coil storyline the Coil Con folks have developed.

Check out the first preview of the figure below and keep watching Coil Con on Facebook for more updates.

GeneralsJoes Exclusive – Coil Con 7 Sidewinder Air Assault Revealed!

Exciting news this morning as we get our first real look at the exclusive figure for Coil Con 7 – Sidewinder Air Assault!

This great looking paratrooper figure continues building on the great mythology that they’ve developed over at Coil Con, focusing on the Coil side of things.

Check out the images of this great new figure below and if you want one, get your butt to Dayton, Ohio on October 9th!  Keep watching Coil Con on Facebook for any new updates!


Coil Con grows near and the figure reveals start…

Coil Con is coming!  Folks wondered if it would happen this year, and happily we recently received confirmation that there will be a Coil Con 7 in 2016!

Not only that, but the figure reveals have already started, though so far, just in silhouette…

Keep watching Coil Con on Facebook and stay tuned for Friday, we could get our first good look at the initial Coil Con exclusive that day!