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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS – Boa Constrictor Gorgon

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At first glance, I mistakenly thought the Boa Constrictor Gorgon was a mild repaint of the Coral Snake Gorgon, mostly due to the deco on the arms and the overall skin tone being a darker, brown color.  Once I got the figure in person I was thrilled to see that while the Boa Constrictor does play off the Coral Snake Gorgon in her arm patterns, the rest of the figure is significantly different and compliments the entirety of the Gorgon Horde exceedingly well.


One thing I’ve really loved about the various different Gorgon figures was the fact that Boss Fight Studio wrote them such interesting biographies, which managed to take similar figures and add some distinct uniqueness to them.  The Boa Constrictors are no different.

Described as the replacements for the Colubrida Guard, Medusa apparently enlisted the air of these nocturnal creatures after an almost successful attempt on her life.  She keeps the Constrictors very close, even training them in the use of her personal weaponry and allowing them within her temple walls.  The Boa’s listen to her and not her sisters and serve as her personal bodyguards and assassins, a really cool specialty for these really cool additional Gorgon forces.



I clearly remember the first time I got one of the Vitruvian HACKS Gorgons in hand, and marveled at the amazing feat of engineering with the tail and how well it integrated with the rest of the figure itself.  Here we stand, months later, and we have nearly a dozen different variations of the Gorgon, yet still I find myself slowly shaking my head in marvel at how amazing the figure construction is, and how distinct each variant is, using the pattern of the snake scales to really separate the various Horde members.

The Boa Constrictor is no different, with an awesome dark skin tone and complimentary patterns on the arms and head.  A diamond shaped black pattern really shines nicely among the darker skin tone, and the calm version of the Gorgon face makes sense for this vicious nocturnal predator.

Metallic green armor and gauntlets look considerably different from the other Gorgons and only serve to add another excellent design element.



The Boa Constrictor Gorgon has all the great fun of the existing Gorgons and does an excellent job further filling in the Gorgon Horde.  A really fun addition.




As with most other Gorgons, the Boa Constrictor comes with the skull helmet and long sword, though this figure eschews a shield and sheath for Medusa’s skull spine whip and knife.  A nice assortment of cool accessories, for sure.



Like their master, the Boa Constrictor Gorgons are vicious, evil creatures that only serve to add some excellent elements to the quickly growing Gorgon Horde.  With a great paint deco, awesome looking tail, and good assortment of weapons, she is a force to be reckoned with and Medusa is only stronger for having them by her side.

Boa Constrictor Gorgon
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  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Another great looking Gorgon figure that further enhances the growing Horde of snake warriors. As Medusa’s new personal guard, these night hunters look vicious and come with some great accessories. As with pretty much every Gorgon figure out there, this one is a must have.