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G.I. Joe Convention 2015 Alpine

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I’ll admit I didn’t see this one coming. The Club had some opportunities to think outside the box when it comes to representing their form of Tiger Force, and for the most part, they followed an established formula. Essentially they reproduced modern versions of vintage designs, or took some more current existing designs and melded them into the vintage Tiger Force aesthetic.

For Alpine they seemed to kind of go another way. Yes, I realize that there was a Tiger Force Alpine in the new sculpt era, but it was so drastically different than the typical Tiger Force deco that it’s tough to count it. For that reason, this figure feels like a big departure, and also feels like a repeat, since we just received our most recent FSS shipment a couple of short weeks ago.

joecon-2015-tiger-force-alpine (10)

Alpine is the exact same figure as the one we received in the FSS, but the Club went Tiger Force with him, integrating him with the rest of their offerings in a yellow and black stripe designation. His shorts are still somewhat red, and he really does not match the other Tiger Force version in anyway. However, it is a nice looking figure, and I appreciate the fact that they worked him in here alongside Bazooka.

joecon-2015-tiger-force-alpine (4)

It’s tough to complain about the figure, too, much, since it’s built upon the solid and fun Kwinn build. Unlike others, I don’t have an issue with him wearing shorts, and he wears the matching deco pretty well.



Alpine comes with many of the same accessories as the FSS version, with his machine gun and submachine gun, as well as the ropes to swing over his chest.


This was an unexpected figure, but not a bad one. His place on the helicopter crew makes sense, and while he doesn’t fit the same mold as Frostbite and Skystriker, he looks as if he belongs. I just wish it wasn’t a figure that I just received a few short weeks ago.

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At its core, Alpine is a pretty fun figure with great parts selection and a nicely updated Tiger Force paint scheme. The only detraction really is that the same basic figure came out in the FSS only a month or so ago, and this seems like an expensive repaint so soon after the original. While the figure itself is nice, it’s tough to get excited about a repainted figure from last month that doesn’t quite impress as much as the original.


G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals FSS 3.0 Alpine!

There is still some hard feelings among the G.I. Joe community over the original 25th Anniversary Alpine, which came out in a very difficult to find boxed set and promptly soared to wallet-busting levels on the secondary market.

So when the G.I. Joe Collectors Club announced during JoeCon that they were doing an Alpine, the collective cheer was only muted by the questions on the fans’ lips…  why the new sculpt version?

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Kwinn figure, as I think pretty much every G.I. Joe fan in history is, so using him as a template for Alpine makes a lot of sense and the figure looks fantastic.  I love that they actually went with the Firefly torso, though with that knit shirt underneath.  Nice touch. The new head sculpt has those unique ridges that the original one had, too, and maybe, just maybe those removable goggles can be used in such a way that the original head is at least somewhat replicated?  I don’t know.  I’m one of the lucky ones who got my 25th Anniversary Alpine for retail prices, so I’m pretty excited to see this one.  I’m a big fan of recreating new sculpt designs in the modern format (though I’ll admit Alpine wouldn’t be on top of that list).  Check out the image below and keep watching for the latest FSS 3.0 intel.