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GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Exclusives

The carded figures have all been reviewed!  The only character toys left are the Vitruvian HACKS Exclusive offerings.  With the first Kickstarter batch I’d already covered Talos, and other exclusives (such as Eternal Struggle Undead Warrior & Ringneck GorgonUltimate Spartan and Amazon Elite Warrior) are cataloged already as well.

That just leaves the Celestial Battle, Ghosts of the Battlefield, PreCurse Medusa, and the Tartarus Guard left.  Every single last one of them is on the docket today.

Is everyone else as amazed as I am with the sheer amount of product with this Kickstarter?  I haven’t even talked about the Accessory Packs, Blanks, or Skeletons yet.  Good grief.  Check out the latest reviews on my Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or the links below directly.


Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Afterlife Gorgon

hacks-afterlife-gorgon-01 hacks-afterlife-gorgon-02

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Like the Celestial Battle two pack, the Ghosts of the Battlefield two pack veers off into the metaphysical a little bit, talking about the eternal battle between the Gorgons and Spartans being so intense that it actually spills over into the afterlife.  It brings up the question of whether ghosts exist and if the battle between Gorgons and Man is in fact immortal.


It’s an interesting way to try a Glow in the Dark experiment, and ultimately that’s the draw to these figures, finding a way to bring some glow in the dark fun to the toys.  Largely, the experiment is successful, making a Gorgon figure that is aesthetically pleasing even when it’s not glowing.


The figure is actually a human figure with the Gorgon head, the only one of those in the line so far that leverages Stheno’s secondaries to maintain a serpentine look.  It’s a very cool aesthetic and between the faint milky white material of the figure itself and the really cool nearly clear blue highlights, the figure looks completely supernatural.  I really like the idea of an upright walking Gorgon with a human body as well, it’s a cool idea.


One heads up, because of the glow in the dark methodology, the plastic here is a little softer than the plastic in other figures, and I’ve actually had some issues keeping the figure together.  I don’t think that’s a wide spread problem, and typically I won’t be fooling around with the figure as much as I am during the review, so I don’t think that’s a deal breaker by any means.  Just something I wanted to mention.


As for the glow in the dark functionality, it is very impressive.  Obviously the longer you keep the figure under the light the more vibrant it will be once the lights are off, so I experimented somewhat using the lights in my review station, and the figure glowed pretty heavily after about an hour charge.  I’ve heard if you leave the figures in sunlight for an extended period of time, the effect is even greater.


This excellent effect is made even cooler by the deep black of the open mouth and the eyes, which looks great normally, and just as cool when the lights are off.



The Afterlife Gorgon comes with a sword, shield, and spear, and the sword is one of the cool curved swords that I really love, all coming together to form a really nice weapons compliment for the snake woman spirit.


The first snake Gorgon we’ve seen without the snake tail, this Afterlife Gorgon is a pretty cool glow in the dark rendition of a snake warrior that manages to add some really neat play features with a great, and different, figure build.

Your mileage may very a little bit with the actual material of the plastic, but out on display it’s a cool looking figure that will bring some real variety to your shelves.

Afterlife Gorgon
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


I enjoy the concept of this character and love that we have some kind of Gorgon “foot soldier” (if you will). The Glow in the Dark concept is very cool, though some issues with the plastic material and the accessories drop this particular figure a little below expected high standards. While the snakeskin skirt and armored top look great on Stheno, they don’t work quite so well here and restrict articulation a little too much. I love how potent the Glow in the Dark function is, but as a whole, the figure itself doesn’t blow me away.