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Additional BAIT Duke images intrigue me further

While I thought Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow looked pretty cool, I didn’t necessarily feel super invested in the whole BAIT/1000Toys G.I. Joe project, but Duke might be slowly changing my mind.

Granted, I won’t be in San Diego and wouldn’t be able to pony up the $230 to buy him, but some additional images posted to the 1000 Toys Facebook Page has  given me a new appreciation of what they’re trying to do.

Amazing articulation, a nicely stylized look and some pretty nasty looking weapons make for a new interpretation of G.I. Joe that actually feels right in my wheelhouse.  As a fan of Metal Gear and a lot of those “10 minutes in the future” military stories, the idea of a cyborg operative is a neat one, and the execution here is pretty stellar.

Check out the images on the 1000 Toys Facebook Page.  That’s likely the closest I’ll get to owning one of these figures, but I feel a lot more bummed out about that now than I did 24 hours ago.  The new images look sharp.