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34 – Alley Viper

Pre-Order Date: 10/23/2021

Release Date: Spring, 2022 (UK Only)


  • Alley Viper was released alongside COBRA B.A.T. in the final wave of 2021 which ended up spilling over into 2022
  • Both the Alley Viper and COBRA B.A.T. were in the rumor mill for a long time after leaked images from a Chinese factory seemed to reveal tooling and sculpts for their individual parts
  • Alley Viper was perhaps the longest rumored figure since his artwork was revealed on the back of the first wave of G.I. Joe: Classified figures, however the final figure bears only a passing resemblance to that artwork, the decision being made to apparently steer more toward vintage accuracy.

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(The below artwork is specific for the standard COBRA B.A.T. It was changed slightly for the Python Patrol version, though I have not located that updated version in high-res format.

Other Versions of the Alley Viper