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24 – COBRA Infantry (Wave 03)

Pre-Order Date: September 26, 2020

Release Date: Spring, 2021


  • COBRA Infantry released alongside Zartan as part of the third wave of mass retail releases for the G.I. Joe: Classified line
  • Partly in response to the impossible-to-find Target exclusive COBRA Trooper, Hasbro released a slightly repainted version of that trooper under the “COBRA Infantry” moniker
  • This version of the trooper is more blue in color and does not come with the same goggles, arm band, and sniper rifle that the COBRA Trooper came with.

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The COBRA Infantry release has a slightly tweaked version of the same Kekai Kotaki artwork above. The colors are slightly different and the goggles have been removed.

Other Versions of COBRA Infantry

While technically not under the same “COBRA Infantry” name, the COBRA Trooper is essentially the same figure