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110 – Cobra Fire Team 788 (Deluxe – Hasbro Pulse)

Pre-Order Date: July 22, 2023

Release Date: Late Winter, 2023


  • This set of figures was first revealed at SDCC in July of 2023 as a complement to the HasLab COBRA HISS, though they work individually as well
  • Like the COBRA Viper 3-Pack released in 2022, the COBRA Fire Team comes complete with a wide array of accessories and blast effects that can be utilized across many different G.I. Joe: Classified weapons

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Other Versions of COBRA Fire Team

The COBRA Fire Team contains a COBRA Officer, Range Viper and COBRA Infantry. While the COBRA Infantry and the COBRA Island COBRA Trooper are not technically the same name (and may utilize different tooling) they are effectively the same character as the COBRA Infantry included within this set.