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12 – COBRA Trooper (Special Mission: COBRA Island)

Pre-Order Date: July 21, 2020

Release Date: August 14, 2020 (Street Date)


  • COBRA Trooper was part of the initial release of Target Exclusive COBRA Island figures that created a massive fever within the G.I. Joe online community for months. Confusion over street dates, sell-through in seconds and unknown availability all combined to create a secondary market surge which thankfully has subsided as the figures are now more available through other avenues.
  • COBRA Trooper and the other initial COBRA Island exclusives were spontaneously revealed via social media from the official G.I. Joe account with no warning
  • Typically exclusive figures are built around repaints of existing tooling, however the initial wave of COBRA Island figures had a remarkable amount of brand new figure parts and accessories.
  • While this version of the COBRA Trooper remains somewhat difficult to obtain, the majority of the figure was repainted and re-released at mass retail under the name COBRA Infantry. The COBRA Infantry had a more blue color scheme, did not come with goggles, the armband, or the sniper rifle
  • While fans, by and large, loved the COBRA Trooper, they were not fans of the Nerf-style weapons they came with. That isn’t hyperbole — the weapons were actually scaled down version of Nerf rifles.

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Other Versions of COBRA Trooper

While the COBRA Infantry figure isn’t technically a “COBRA Trooper” it shares enough of the same parts and accessories to be included here.