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07 – Gung Ho (Wave 02)

Pre-Order Date: June 26, 2020

Release Date: Fall/Winter, 2020


  • Continuing the trend of fandom discontent, there were many complaints about Gung Ho’s appearance, mostly circling around the fact that his hat was not a traditional Marine Corps hat and that his tattoo was not the official Marine Corps logo as it had been back in the 80s.
  • Hasbro explained the tattoo situation in that the Marine Corps now requires license fees in order to use that logo and it was determined that it wasn’t a critical enough part of the character’s aesthetic to invest the time and money into a licensing contract with the Marines
  • Fans were also somewhat displeased about the continued use of sci-fi weaponry and the shift in vintage aesthetic with Gung Ho wearing more olive drab

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Artist: James Paick
I have not found a large version of the full art for this figure. If you have a line on it, please let me know!.

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