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50 – Crimson Guard

Pre-Order Date: 4/26/2022

Release Date: Fall, 2022 (Big Bad Toy Store); Late 2022 (Elsewhere)


  • Like other G.I. Joe: Classified figures, the Crimson Guard seems to take some inspiration not just from the vintage Crimson Guard, but also from the popular 25th Anniversary version of the character with elements like a removable sword and scabbard.
  • Initially it was believed that the G.I. Joe: Classified Crimson Guard would be built from the tooling of the initial release of COBRA Commander but Hasbro went deep into the tooling well and brought us a very faithful iteration of the COBRA Elite Trooper.
  • With Python Patrol already making some appearances throughout the COBRA Island exclusives, one has to imagine a Python Patrol version of the Crimson Guard is in the planning stages
  • The Crimson Guard was shipped on its own from Big Bad Toy Store as early as Fall, 2022, though Zarana and Dusty didn’t start shipping until a couple of months later. Crimson Guard shipped from other retailers alongside Zarana and Dusty. It’s unknown why BBTS received their allotment early.

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