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Lady Jaye (Wal-Mart Retro)

Pre-Order Date: March 16, 2022

Release Date: Summer/Fall, 2022


  • Initially slated for pre-order March 24th, 2022, both she and Lady Jaye were leaked over a week early on under code names that were quickly deciphered by the G.I. Joe online community
  • The retro figures are, to date, the only Classified figures that come with a stand
  • The retro update to Lady Jaye seems keenly focused on action figure accuracy from her 1985 release, featuring a brighter shade of green, a more vintage era backpack and the addition of a green old school shoulder-mounted camcorder similar to her ’85 release
  • She does not come with the alternate hairpiece so she can remove her hat, also aligning her with the familiar 1985 action figure

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