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Gung Ho (Wal-Mart Retro)

Pre-Order Date: March 24, 2022

Release Date: Fall/Winter, 2022


  • In an attempt to satisfy an ornery fandom in the wake of their complains about the original release of Gung Ho, Hasbro took out all the stops on the retro version, giving him a vintage accurate paint deco overhaul, a brand new hat, brand new vest, new leg pouches, all new backpack and grenade launcher, and even some new ink on his chest.
  • While they still didn’t license the Marine Corps tattoo, they went with something that seemed a bit closer in color and size
  • The retro Gung Ho could have easily been produced and sold in the main Classified line and a significant investment in new tooling was required to bring it back in line with the vintage aesthetic.
  • The retro figures are, to date, the only G.I. Joe: Classified figures to come with a stand.

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