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40 – Duke with RAM Cycle (Tiger Force – Special Mission: COBRA Island)

Pre-Order Date: 7/7/2022

Release Date: Late 2022


  • Duke with RAM Cycle is numbered as though it’s part of the fourth assortment of Target exclusives alongside Tiger Force Outback, Python Patrol COBRA B.A.T. and Python Patrol COBRA Viper, but the release date is staggered and the pre-order came much later.
  • The RAM was never released in the Tiger Force deco in the vintage line, marking a new iteration of the timeless G.I. Joe motorcycle
  • Duke with RAM is one of the first releases of a windowless box where the character art takes up the entire package rather than the lower corner
  • The Tiger Force Duke w/ RAM has seen some sporadic release as of December, 2022, but doesn’t appear to be available in plentiful amounts, at least not yet

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