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21 – Firefly (Special Mission: COBRA Island)

Pre-Order Date: September 26, 2020

Release Date: Early 2021


  • The second wave of COBRA Island figures, Firefly and the COBRA Viper, continued the trend of the first assortment, selling out in seconds and creating a fervor of frustration among the G.I. Joe collecting community
  • Firefly featured a more modern interpretation of the COBRA saboteur with an oversized, armored bomb vest, a drone with remote control and removable bomb and other more sci-fi accessories. This resulted in a mixed response from the fandom, who preferred a more understated “stealthy” iteration of the timeless character
  • As of Summer, 2022, Hasbro has officially revealed a second Firefly in the production pipeline, most likely far more accurate to the vintage aesthetic, a fact that will please the majority of the fandom.

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