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99 – HISS Driver (HasLab)

Pre-Order Date: HasLab Ran from 6/29/2022 – 8/14/2022

Release Date: 2023


  • The G.I. Joe Classified HISS Tank HasLab was the first 6″ scale G.I. Joe: Classified HasLab
  • The HISS Tank broke the record for the most quickly funded HasLab in Hasbro history
  • The HISS Tank reached each of its funding goals and stretch goals
  • The HISS Driver was sculpted with a somewhat larger buck with closed fists, giving off a “brawler” sort of attitude
  • The HISS Driver was the only figure included with the base goal of the HISS Tank. The other figures included in the HasLab were extra stretch goals.
  • Although multiple figures were included with the HISS Tank via HasLab, the three HISS Driver, Tactician, and Gunner figures were individually boxed and numbered
  • The box art and package art are believed to have been done by Oliver Barrett

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