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67 – Snow Job (Deluxe – Hasbro Pulse)

Pre-Order Date: March 08, 2023

Release Date: TBD


  • Snow Job is a deluxe figure that falls within Hasbro’s newly designated $34.99 price point
  • This figure comes with a ton of arctic themed gear encompassing a few different versions of the figure that makes him feel current, yet vintage themed.
  • With a hooded head, a non-hooded head, removable goggles and a removable “downward” hood you can mix and match for a wealth of different looks
  • Interestingly, Snow Job does not come with the XLR-1 laser rifle, which was the influence for the rifle that so many of the characters on the Sunbow cartoon used.
  • Snow Job does, however, come with a sniper rifle, which makes sense considering his background as a biathlete
  • This is another figure that introduces a new box style that features product shots and more uniform artwork rather than the unique, individualized, more artistic style of the previous releases

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This is the only version of Snow Job