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43 – Dr. Mindbender (SDCC and Hasbro Pulse)

Pre-Order Date: July 20, 2022

Release Date: Late 2022


  • Dr. Mindbender is listed as an SDCC Exclusive, though it was offered through a QR Code that could be redeemed on the Hasbro Pulse website. Select quantities were available for direct pre-order through Hasbro Pulse as well, in coordination with the SDCC announcement
  • The figure comes in a deluxe package with a wide assortment of accessories and the artwork features many potential call outs to other COBRA themed characters, in particular Serpentor
  • Dr. Mindbender was confirmed to be a “partner figure” for Serpentor with both figures featuring the same package artist and style
  • Although revealed earlier, Dr. Mindbender ended up being shipped in late 2022, within a week or two of Serpentor’s eventual release

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