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06B – COBRA Commander (Regal – Hasbro Pulse)

Pre-Order Date: June 26, 2020

Release Date: Fall/Winter, 2020


  • COBRA Commander received three separate versions in relatively short order, this version being his “Regal” release first offered through NETWRK and then through other fan channel means
  • Although a departure from his vintage look and feel, fans seemed to enjoy this iteration, and his swappable hands added nice expression to the overall figure
  • There was significant confusion in and around the release of versions 6A and 6B of COBRA Commander which circled around NETWRK exclusivity and which versions of which COBRA Commander were available through which outlets.
  • Initially this version of COBRA Commander sold out through NETWRK in a matter of seconds, creating confusion and fear among the fandom about how accessible the figure would actually be

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