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Disclaimer - The weapon layout is kind of a mess, so I did the best I could with what I had. I had to make some choices about which accessories belonged to which figures, your mileage may very.


It's almost comical...back in 2009, we got the driver of the Armadillo repaint, who was called "Thunderblast" because we imagined, Hasbro no longer had the trademark for "Thunder". So fast forward two years, and Hasbro apparently re-aquired the "Thunder" trademark, only now they used it for Thrasher! Yeesh. Of course, as the driver of the Thunder Machine, the change isn't totally out of left field, and by this point I've gotten over the whole trademark weirdness, but you can't help but smirk about it.

Far and away the most famous mode of Dreadnok transportation was the Thunder Machine, and Thrasher, the driver of the vehicle, as always maintained a special place in many fan's hearts. He had a very interesting personality in the file card, being a rich and spoiled kid who grew to resent that fortunes that had given him whatever he wanted.

As a kid there was something about Thrasher I just wasn't crazy about. I'll actually make a confession here...I wasn't wild about the Dreadnoks in general. I just had a hard time rationalizing how dangerous a biker gang was when going up against a special forces military team. Hama's portrayal of them in the comics helped things a bit, especially as they were tied closer to Cobra themselves, but still, I wasn't really big on them. Thrasher especially.

With an Elvis like hairdo streaked with green and what looked to be football pads on his shoulders (though based on his weapon, they're more likely lacrosse pads) I really couldn't find a whole lot to love. Compared to the high tech terrorists of Cobra he was pretty out of place.

Over the years I've grown to appreciate him a little bit more, and even though he hasn't been one of my favorite characters I absolutely have to admire what Hasbro did with this updated figure. First of all, they gave him a brand new head sculpt very reminiscent of the old version, with some nice hints of green through the hair. It's a great looking head for sure, with a ton of character and a ton of detail. Very nicely done.

The body tooling looks like mostly Pursuit of Cobra Zartan tooling, with what looks like perhaps a new right hand to more reflect Thrashers thick metal gauntlet. He's also got a new secondary on the torso, designed to look like his torn shirt with the lacrosse pads on top. Very nice touch. The end result is a figure that has very nice poseability, looks a lot like his vintage version, but has new enough parts to work with more current figures as well.

As a personal quirk, I couldn't help but bust out my vintage Thunder Machine to see if the figure would fit. Alas, it would not. Ah, well.

About the only down side really to this figure are his weapons. Or should I say his weapon. Yes, he only comes with one, but I guess that's not all that unusual since the original figure only came with one, too, and it was the same one. But while the original figure's lacrosse stick and mace combination was just black, this one is loaded with cool paint apps and sculpted detail. You can clearly see the athletic tape wound around the stick and attaching the nasty looking spiked ball to the lacrosse pouch. A very cool update that almost makes you overlook the fact that it's the only weapon he comes with.

Thrasher hasn't always been a favorite of mine, but this is one heck of a nice update to the second string Dreadnok, even if he did get a name change. I can totally see this guy piloting my Thunder Machine, and he fits in seamlessly with the rest of his biker gang brothers. A very nice figure.


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