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Cobra B.A.T. - Hall of Heroes (Figure 3 of 10)

The Cobra Battle Android Trooper remains the gold standard in the 25th Anniversary line. One of the few figures which took the classic elements and translated them to perfection in the modern style, while not deviating too far from the source material, yet still making an updated figure that fits in with a more current aesthetic. The B.A.T. is a perfect example of exactly what the potential for greatness was in the Anniversary line, and no matter how many of them I own, I find things to enjoy about each one. Keep in mind, this all comes from someone who really isn't a fan of the B.A.T. concept. I'd much rather have my troopers be human, but I cannot argue with a nice toy, and the B.A.T. is a fantastic one.

But, like other figures in the Hall of Heroes line, the B.A.T. runs into the issue where even as what was supposed to be the "ultimate collectors" version, it falls short of another version of the same figure already released elsewhere.

Granted, the only better Cobra B.A.T. released was the one that came with the Defense of Cobra Island 7-Pack, and that needed a $40 purchase, and the only thing remarkably better about that particular B.A.T. was the inclusion of the battle damaged chest plate. So, really the difference is nominal, but it's still a difference.

I still remember actually seeing the B.A.T. for the first time at Toy Fair the year it was released, and they had the battle damaged head on display, which of course couldn't make the financial cut for the standard single carded release, so the fact that it got made available for Hall of Heroes is a great thing. Especially in recent times when these figures can be found at steep discount in select retailers.

The Hall of Heroe's B.A.T. is nearly identical to the Defense of Cobra Island version, with the exception of the pistol color. Both of them use the standard single carded version as a design base, but elect to keep the metal very clean and polished and not nearly as layered with weathered paint wipes. I kind of like this decision. It allows the collector to display a troop of B.A.T.s together with some varying degrees of wear and tear. As expected with these Android Troopers, the articulation is great and the paint apps are spot on. With the exception of the small battle damaged chest plate, the Hall of Heroes version is about as close to the "Ultimate B.A.T." as you can get.

Like the other versions, this B.A.T. comes with the weapon container backpack, the two arms, and the other three nicely tooled attachments. One minor sticking point is that the pegs in the backpack are just a tad bit larger than the ones on his arms, so by putting the weapons in the backpack, it makes them a bit loose on the arm pegs, which kind of stinks.

He also comes with the familiar spore carrying backpack that he used in his first Marvel Comics appearance, and a second incredibly awesomely detailed battle damaged head sculpt. Seriously, this thing is amazing. Obviously we've seen it countless times on the two B.A.T. versions, but it still never fails to impress when I take a really close look at it.

So yes, going back in time to review toys that are two years old and already starting to fall behind the design curve can be a challenge. Thankfully the B.A.T. holds up remarkably well, and with the added accessories and the reduced prices, that makes this figure a definite recommend.