G.I. Joe Sky Sweeper w/ Sgt. Airborne

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I have to give big thanks to Morgardee for his help with this review...but I just gotta take some pics of my own, too! :)

With the Jungle Strike, I didn't receive many surprises when I got my own...the Sky Sweeper, though, was actually a different story. Once I received this and opened it and started playing with it a little bit, I found my enjoyment of the original plane coming back, and with this version, you get a darker, even more realistic version of the popular stealth fighter. I didn't expect to like this new plane that much, since it's not really a huge change over the original, however, it succeeds surprisingly as an addition to the original. For some reason I really find myself liking the thought of having two of these medium sized recon/strike planes at my disposal, and I am drawn in even more by the duller color pallet offered in this new release.

While I won't jump in and say that this plane is a must buy, especially if you already own the original, I do think it makes for a great member of the Joe Air Force regardless. If you don't already own a Sky Sweeper, I definitely think this is worth a purchase...if you do, think about it a little bit more, and then decide how deep you need your air vehicles.


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