G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Cobra B.A.T.

Wow...this figure is quite simply...amazing.

This is what the original B.A.T. should have been...an inhuman, imposing robot. Exposed wiring, metallic limbs, blank red visor. A GREAT figure!

We start off with an unusual mold. The figure is thinner than others, which makes sense based on what he is. His legs are long and skinny to match his arms. His chest is somewhat broad, but also slightly exposed, with some cool metallic texture coming down from his neck to the removable chest-plate. This figure LOOKS like an android, not just a Cobra trooper in funky armor. My only major gripe would be the lack of swivel-arms, but truthfully, his non-swivel arms really work for me. It makes sense that Cobra would cut some corners to mass produce these, and I can see it more as a robot, with stiff-non moveable arms.

The colors also work very well. The bulk of the figure is a dull, almost black gray with the right touches of silver, blue and red. Not too much, but just enough to have a great effect. This figure just comes together just about perfectly, and this is one Wave 4 figure I plan on stockpiling (well, as much as I can afford, anyway...). Every time I look at this figure, I just look at his arms...those metallic muscles and oversized metal hands...it just looks SO cool, it's almost worth the sacrifice of the swivel-arm battle grip. The B.A.T. simply does not need it.

As if all of this wasn't enough, the B.A.T. has a way-cool Cobra symbol on his leg...not just the basic, but the symbol found on the Moray hydrofoil. Very nice touch to see that symbol here and on Skullbuster as well. Then, you've got the B.A.T.'s weapon. His bullpup style machine gun is simply the coolest! A futuristic, yet realistic weapon built to be carried by an unstoppable android bent on destroying everything in it's path. The choice of backpacks is also interesting. While it doesn't seem to serve much purpose, I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro included it as a way for the B.A.T. to be fueled up in the field...heck, it also matches that well-known weakness that they tehnd to "burst into flame went hit from behind". A very nice touch, in my book. The inclusion of Zandar's dartgun is completely unknown to me, but at least that is made up for by the inclusion of this other super-cool weapon.

All in all, this B.A.T. is a great version of the character and a fantastic figure overall. I simply cannot wait until Overkill comes out in Wave 5 so I can have a suitable leader for my soon to be growing B.A.T. army!