G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Wet Suit

First and foremost for all of these 2002 reviews, I am going to streamline a little bit. If you want basic information and pics of filecards, packaged figures and what weapons came with whom, go check out YoJoe. Eugene has all of the basic pictures up and they’re great as usual! He’s got the necessary information. Me, I’m just gonna tell you what I think of ‘em!

Arguably the most famous Navy S.E.A.L. on the G.I. Joe team is back, looking even less like a Navy S.E.A.L.! :) Equipped in a high tech dive suit, Wet Suit is back in the Joe fold looking better than ever and FINALLY with a face that looks right! 

It’s been a while, but here is a Wet Suit figure that I can use. I think over the years I’ve grown numb to the fact that Hasbro will NEVER EVER make a Navy S.E.A.L. that actually resembles one, so that it doesn’t bother me quite so much anymore. But still, the divers have never really done much for me…until now.

Wet Suit SCREAMS coolness. This may be one of the ONLY 2002 figures that I will integrate into my normal Joe world, simply because he is that cool. The bulky, divesuit mold is a wonder to behold (and what Armor-Tech should have been!!!). Despite the bright colors, the suit is just plain cool, with excellent layers of composite armor and just the right integration of realism and out and out fantasy. The Joes should have the upper echelon of high tech gadgets and I can see Wet Suit being chosen as the guinea pig for this new prototype battlesuit.

Did I just say "Battle Suit"? Heck yeah! I told ya, I don’t like divers! So in my world, will Wet Suit be a diver? Well, sure, but you better believe he’s doing some butt-kicking landbound in that great armored suit of his. In my world, this suit is going to be a prototype all purpose battlesuit. Designed to be worn in the water or on land, it’s helmet/facemask has a built in air supply and L.E.D./radar system. The armor is flexible enough for normal use, but strong enough to withstand tremendous amounts of punishment. The wearer’s strength is increased (not by a LOT, though…) and Wet Suit is the man inside.

That is how much I love this figure! I have written a whole mythos around him…actually, he may even be seen in an upcoming diostory that may have to be changed to suit this figure.

So am I crazy or what? Sure thing…Actually, I think a lot of what I like about this figure boils down to the same reason I like the Mega Marines. Just the right balance of real world military and science fiction to make things interesting.

But listen…I don’t just love this figure for his kickin suit of armor…just pull off that helmet and LOOK. That is one of the most nicely detailed faces I have EVER seen produced, especially in a 3 ¾” scale. They also sculpted him to look like the cartoon version of the figure, which is definitely the more recognizable version of him and will finally allow some customizers the chance to recreate a true ‘toon version.

But are there bad points? Honestly, I can’t think of any. Sure, the lack of articulation is as prevalent as always, but for this figure, it works. The battle suit is flexible, but not overly so. The bulkiness is also well explained. Sure, the weapons could have been slightly better, but the helmet rocks and the rest of it can be swapped out. So overall, this is DEFINITELY my top pick for 2002 Wave 1. Put him in the 2 pack with Moray, and it’s a real no brainer.