G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Sub Viper

Well, already I have spoken about how much Hasbro can improve on existing figures simply with a color change. I don’t think this is much more evident than with this particular figure right here.

In 1992, the Eco Warriors hit and hit hard, arguably introducing the G.I. Joe world to the potential horrors of neon color schemes. I don’t think that anyone would argue the fact that a mere change of colors was enough to turn excellent vehicles like the AWE Striker and the HISS into nasty, harmful to the eyes bright neon obscenities. Still, though, the Eco Warriors did have their good points. No, not the water spraying weapons and color changing uniforms! :/ I’m talking about their molds. Toxo Viper V.2 was heads and shoulders above its predecessor. Cesspool made for an awesome evil CEO, and even Ozone and Clean Sweep had their redeeming qualities. The molds for these figures were great! They were just a tad…bright. Of course, you’ll notice the two figures I didn’t mention from that list of the original Eco lineup. Flint and Sludge Viper. I’ve already made the argument for the Flint figure in a profile a couple of mouse clicks above here, and now I plan to make the argument for Sludge Viper, in a manner of speaking.

The Sludge Viper mold has ALWAYS been cool! That great streamlined helmet…his HUGE muscles. Very cool, elaborate toxic containment uniform. All of it fit together into a fantastic overall figure, which made for a great looking Cobra Trooper. But, it was bright green and yellow! What kind of intimidating color scheme is that?

Then came the Sub Viper. All of the best qualities of the original’s mold, but outfitted in deep blue and silver, the classic Cobra colors! Sub Viper is a GREAT looking figure! He’s got the streamlined outfit and the elaborate molding on the uniform, only now it serves as underwater gear instead of eco-containment. Either way, it works! Not only that, but Hasbro worked the colors to match the other Cobra frogmen, Undertow and Lamprey. With all of these troopers together, Cobra has a fantastic, uniform looking underwater strike force.

Now, not only is this figure cool, but I really dig the Wave Crusher as well. The SHARC works much better as a Cobra vehicle, if you ask me and I plan to use it extensively. Actually, in Power Struggle, steps are already in place to put the Wave Crusher firmly into Cobra’s use. Expect to see a lot of the Sub Viper to go along with it!