G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Pathfinder

Pathfinder was first made famous as a part of the much underrated 1990 line of Joes. That series was much more well known for it's wide array of accessories than it was for the figures themselves. There were many GREAT offerings that year in Bullhorn, Ambush, Range Viper, and of course, Pathfinder. I must say as well, that it is somewhat ironic that a figure first overlooked because of his wide array of accessories now does not come with any. Still, though, Pathfinder is a great addition to your G.I. Joe army.

The original had a very cool color scheme, and yes, I will say, slightly outmatches this one. Not to say that the '01 Pathfinder is a slouch in the paint scheme department. He has wonderfully dull, muted hues, the perfect colors to mesh with the darkness of the AWE Striker. His uniform is a fantastic shade of dark gray, with the vest and hat a nice mix of the same gray with a hint of blue. They work together wonderfully and make him the perfect candidate for Night Operations.

The mold is very nice as well. Again, this is more attributed to the Hasbro of old, but I am glad that the "new Hasbro" has taken the leap and is using some of these more obscure figures. It is quite obvious to me now, that the "Desert Headquarters" that was rumored to come out in '97 before being DX'ed was really a possibility. Pathfinder and Roadblock were mentioned as figures, and now in '01, here's Pathfinder with Roadblock not far behind, only now called "Double Blast".

But, now back to this figure. His lack of accessories is somewhat deprimental to the overall figure, but as a driver for the AWE Striker, it doesn't really matter all that much. He looks so cool in the driver's seat, that he doesn't really need any additional hardware.

Overall, this is another fine offering in a batch of fine offerings from Hasbro. I look forward to seeing the next bunch on the store shelves and as long as they remain of this caliber, I will have no complaints.