G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Sure Fire

This is a somewhat rare occurrence in the G.I. Joe mythos. Granted, it does happen here and there…Snake Eyes ’85…General Hawk ’86…Destro ’88. All classic figures in their own right, and different in a certain way. Their versions of the figure were actually better than the originals. Here is another fine example of a figure being improved upon from it’s original mold. Sure Fire. Every time I look at this guy, I am more impressed with his overall appearance. Add that to his cool history, and his excellent usage, and this is a figure that could have easily been put out in 1985 or 86 and accepted as one of the greats. That’s not an honor I bestow on many figures.

Let’s start with the mold. Yes, it’s the 1992 Shockwave mold from his D.E.F. mold, a great mold in its own right. However, the issue I always had with it was that to me, Shockwave was the ’88 version plain and simple. This new one didn’t really do it for me, even though he was a fine figure. Well, here we have the best of both worlds. The terrific ’92 Shockwave mold, but used for a completely different character. Not only that, but the character isn’t just a thoughtless clone of Shockwave, he is his own person. A CID Investigator/Special Agent. A new specialty for a Joe…he’s a veritable fed.

And that’s the beauty of this figure. He can pull them both off with ease. His mold isn’t completely over the top, it’s fairly simple and plain. Cloth uniform, sleek subdued flack vest. Pouches here and there, and a pistol on the vest, but for the most part a normal looking federal agent. Equip him with the pistol that comes with him, and he’s just that, a Special Agent with his sidearm, cautious, but ready if need be. Throw on his helmet and give him the Uzi, though, and he’s fully ready for whatever might come at him, whether it be a drugged up punk, or a squad of Alley Vipers. He is NOT a SWAT member, though, that’s the beauty. He’s a normal looking Agent with a level of deadly skill not perceived by the outside world, or whomever he may encounter. That just screams G.I. Joe to me…normal appearances, a thin veil covering a highly trained killing machine, well trained and fully prepared to do whatever he needs to to get the job done. Sure Fire is that person and more.

When I first laid my eyes on Sure Fire, I instantly felt the connection, similar to how I felt when I first played with Hit & Run. A GREAT figure, a GREAT character, and one destined to obscurity for whatever reason. For some reason, I don’t see Sure Fire being a very popular character (whether due to his "repaint" status/badge, or due to his questionable code-name) but for me, he will be a key character. His CID will be the Joes version of the FBI, CIA, and NSA rolled into one. A secret agent branch of Joe, filled with spies, undercover agents and urban assault specialists. I cannot wait to get this subgroup rolling in dio story format.

I don’t even know for sure what draws me to this character…his interesting file card? His wicked blue/gray paint scheme unseen in the Joe line before? Great dual-roles he has the potential to play? I dunno, but I like it! Expect to see much, much more of Sure Fire in the future, he’s got a great role to play, and I intend to have him play it!