G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Low Light

As anyone who reads my profiles probably knows by now, I am a big fan of the later years of the Joe line. Just when some people thought the line was going downhill, I thought it really picked up steam and put out some fantastic figures in the 90’s. That’s why it pleases me to no end that Hasbro has decided to use some of those molds for these new figures they are releasing now. Wonderful molds like Big Ben’92 Duke, and Talking Battle Commander Hawk really shine with these new figures, using better colors and even some finer details. The new Low Light is absolutely no exception.

I think I’m in the minority when I say that the ’91 Low Light to me, was the definitive version of him. Yes, the hair color changed and he grew a beard, but I thought that was all for the better. The face camouflage was great, the dulled colors worked wonders and his accessories were magic. A terrific figure, which is probably on my top ten list for Joes, and if not there, would definitely make my top twenty. And guess what? Again, the new Low Light is no exception.

Sure, he lost the face paint, but he gained a great urban/night color scheme trading in his gray and black for a wonderful blue/gray, black and dull gray color scheme. Just looking at him here on the desk, I’m aching to put him into a dio-story environment as the Joes Urban Sniper, a duty I think he’s perfectly suited for as anyone who has read my fanfic, The Price of Peace can testify to. As a matter of fact, I am loving these two new CID members so much, I have decided to completely branch off the team, and include the D.E.F. and some other Joes as well. Do not be surprised if soon after Power Struggle ends, you see a new Joe Urban Assault Squad form up to take on a new, more destructive urban Cobra force.

The detail on this figure is a no-brainer as well. He is beautifully crafted as he was in 1991, with some great mesh detailing and very nicely molded gloves. The twin holsters are VERY cool, and one of the smaller details which adds so much to this figure. I can just see him tossing his sniper rifle aside as he is rushed by Alley Vipers and whipping out his twin pistols, firing away, narrowly escaping the deathtrap. It’s scenarios like this that make me love G.I. Joe so much, and these new series again, are no exception.

Just like his predecessor as well, this new version of Low Light packs some great weaponry, with a great submachine gun, helmet w/ visor and a large backpack with his knife and flashlight built in. Between great detailing, nice colors and coming with great weapons, Low Light is a figure you simply must have. In any other series, he would be the best of the bunch, however among these, he is in the upper tier, but not great enough to get top billing. Unfortunate, but a good sign that these new figures are that good.