G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Cobra Commander v.2 (Battle Armor)

Now, here’s another Cobra in the middle of the pack…our august leader himself, Cobra Commander. In all respects, this figure is very nice, especially compared to his original counterpart. Instead of the garish, glaring silver and glossy blue, he has a much more muted tone with dull gray and a darker blue uniform underneath. Still, this mold didn’t do a whole lot for me in 1987, and it doesn’t really do a whole lot for me now.

Cobra Commander to me has always been silver faceplate or hooded, and that’s it. Seeing him in the Battle Armor just didn’t work for me. Granted, Larry Hama worked his magic in the comic and made an explanation for it, which was great to me, but it even further supported my earlier opinion that the battle armor Commander was not the "real" commander. However, my opinion might change slightly with this one.

Even has he sits here on my desk next to me as I write this profile, he grows on me. That cold, nasty stare…his simple uzi…great designed backpack. The way the blue cloth and dull gray battle armor work together in such great cohesion. I can see it…the new Commander, now that he is back on his island searches the alcoves and discovers the old prototype battle armor designed and worn by Fred VII. It is worn and dulled with age, but it is still functional, and still quite impressive for it’s time now, over a decade since it was originally constructed. As both a trophy as his defeat of Fred, the Commander decides to don his battle armor again whenever conflict might begin! Yeah, that could work…something to think about down the line. For now the ’00 Cobra Commander is too cool NOT to use, definitely heads and shoulders above THIS one.

Still, all is not lost. As a faceless minion, this figure works pretty well also. Perhaps a modernized "Cyber Viper" using the old Fred design. Could rationalize my sudden desire to own a dozen or so Laser Vipers…

His accessories are really pretty cool, although somewhat perplexing. The backpack is a neat little thing, molded the same as the original, but in the duller colors to match the figure. You cannot go wrong with the Uzi either. A great little weapon, one of the best in the line. Then you have the air hose…what the heck?!? Considering this version of CC doesn’t even have a peg for it, you have to wonder what Hasbro was thinking. Still, though, I cannot complain. My 1987 Cobra Commander is complete except for the air hose…now, he has one to breathe with.

All in all, a decent effort by Hasbro, but like Destro, a little too similar to the original, and based on a mold that I wasn’t wild about to begin with.