G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Major Bludd

Finally, the much underrated mercenary gets his due! This version of the good Major is far and away the best version ever made! (barring International Exclusives...I've heard the Chinese one is pretty nice, but I don't own it, so it doesn't exist!)

Hasbro started off by using Mr. Bludd's best mold, the one from his Sonic Fighter days. One of the few Sonic Fighters that actually got a new mold, Bludd definitely deserved his update! A larger body, meaner look in his eye, no prosthetic arm, that was the definitive Sebastian Bludd. Until now. Hasbro took that rocking mold and put it in the classic colors of brown and black, borrowing not only from the original Major Bludd, but also from the Chinese version. It was a wise idea and one that works wonders for the Major. I have often heard folks complain about the numerous grenades strapped to Bludd's uniform in various places. Myself, I see nothing really wrong with it. How intimidating would it be to see a man coming after you with grenades everywhere on his uniform? I don't know about you, but I'd give it up right there! All in all, he is the best Bludd yet and a nice addition to the Cobra army!

But then, there are the weapons. Or lack thereof. This could be a potential problem for Hasbro. First of all, NONE of the vehicle drivers have them. This hits especially hard for Pathfinder, who was just another '90 Joe without his cool weed whacker and hip mounted cannons. But here, it really makes little sense. Duke comes with nothing, and Bludd comes with a pathetic little laser rifle. Granted, it's black this time instead of yellow, but still. It is not a weapon befitting the most ruthless mercenary of our time. It's not really a big deal to me, because I have hundreds and hundreds of extra weapons to choose from. But for new collectors and, more importantly, kids, this could be troublesome. Hopefully once G.I. Joe goes back to single figures on a card (here's hoping...) this little issues will be resolved. We shall see. For now, just stick Rock Viper's missile launcher in his arms. He looks nasty with it.