G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Big Ben

Big Ben. One of the most underrated and overlooked of the older G.I. Joe figures, and one that would have definitely gotten a review here if the newer version hadn't come along. Big Ben is one of my favorites! I loved the integration of international troops into the Joe team, it only made sense to me, and who better to integrate than a Special Air Service trooper, Great Britain's most highly skilled soldier. This new Big Ben is a beauty just like it's older brother. Yes, it is an arctic troop, and as I have already explained, I'm not a big arctic troop fan. But this Big Ben works for me. He is from now on designated as the G.I. Joe Special Missions director and Arctic Team Commander. In England, Big Ben was a crafty and skilled warrior in my universe, sent over to the Joe team, not only to learn from the best, but also to hopefully give them some instruction as well. The two learned from eachother, and after the Joe team split, Big Ben went back to his native land where he rose through the ranks quickly. Now that the Joes have reformed, he's invited back into the fold and agrees! He is a special advisor to General (Toma)Hawk and whenever a mission takes a team to a hostile climate, Big Ben is there all the way!

The color scheme on this new Big Ben is dead on perfect. The white and tan paint wipe is a beauty to behold, leaving the bright uniform somewhat muted. And let's face it: when is an arctic trooper going to crawl around in perfectly clean snow? It makes sense! Even the little touches are nicely done. The communicator leading to his mouth is excellent. Even the shell casings on his gunbelt are colored brass! Very, very nice little touches to add to the overall effect of the figure. Some folks have made comments about the lack of gloves on this figure. I don't see it. The hands look like they're colored in tan gloves to me, NOT flesh paint. At any rate, it works, and the overall figure comes together beautifully!

Now for his weapons: Pure perfection...well, almost anyway. His heavy machine gun ROCKS! A great heavy weapon which gives him some much deserved "bad assness". No, there is no bipod, but Big Ben is so tough, he doesn't need one! ;D The grenade pouch is awesome! The grenades inside are even better! And the backpack...well, the backpack is downright blinding. It's way too white, but definitely a minor gripe, considering I could mix some tan paint and water and fix it right up. Otherwise, the package comes together nicely.

The only real downfall to this figure for me, is the fact that he is an arctic trooper. In black, brown or even green, this guy would probably be hands down my favorite Joe of the bunch. But the white limits him. As a result, he falls in here, second to last. Not saying he's a bad figure by any means. Just the others are better...