G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Undertow

Well, welcome to the profiles for the 2000 G.I. Joe Two Packs. The way I figured I would do it is to start with my least favorite of the figures and move up to the one I liked the most. So if the first few reviews seem luke warm, that's because I'm just building to the good ones!! 

Man, these last few figures are too close to call! These are all very nice figures and the cream of the crop of the 2000 series. Undertow, quite simply, is a fantastic figure! When I first saw the picture, I thought his blue was a little sharp and bright, but upon closer inspection, it is a PERFECT shade! The blue is sharp, yet subdued and meshes with the gray and black seamlessly. The detailing is beautiful, as it was back in 1990 when the figure was originally made, but the contrasting colors here add even more flavor to the design. The pads on the wet suit work really well and the colors blend marvelously.

With or without his mask, Undertow looks evil; a true demon of the deep, ready to spear you with his trident underwater or chase you onto land and impale you in the sandy dunes. His wet suit colors are great, and the paint wipes were used sparingly, which has a great effect. His chest tank and pads have some wipe on them, but the wet suit itself is mostly wipe free, and looks quite realistic and adds a whole new element to the figure. The Cobra symbol on the forehead is just icing on the cake, a wonderful little touch to compliment this great figure.

As usual, plastic quality is head and shoulders above the '97 and '98 stuff, and there were no O-Ring problems as of yet. If I have any sort of gripe with the figure, it is the lack of a firearm of some sort. In a way, it's cool, because you can imagine Undertow sneaking up close to someone before running them through with his vicious trident, but it would be somewhat nice to have a gun to defend himself with. Overall, though, the accessories are very nice and suit him well. EXCELLENT figure, Hasbro!!