G.I. Joe: ARAHC - Firefly

Well, welcome to the profiles for the 2000 G.I. Joe Two Packs. The way I figured I would do it is to start with my least favorite of the figures and move up to the one I liked the most. So if these first few reviews seem luke warm, that's because I'm just building to the good ones!! 

Well, for these last two, it is neck and neck. I really cannot choose which one I like more, but Firefly gets the first treatment.

Firefly in woodland camo. Ever since I first saw Evilface's custom of him on Evilface.com I thought it was a super cool idea. And then I saw the pic of Hasbro's new up and coming Joe toys and nearly wet myself. Firefly in woodland camo!! Firefly without being dressed in bright white!! YEAH!!! I will tell you, when I finally got my grubby little hands on him, I was NOT disappointed!!! This figure is fantastic, plain and simple.

Now I wouldn't really describe him as woodland camo upon closer inspection. He is pretty much just dark green with the black wash wiped over him to give that appearence. But I will tell you, it works BIG TIME! The green and black mesh so well together, and the detailing really shines through in this figure. His many pouches, grenades and assorted goodies are prevelant, and the paint wipes enhance this figure to no end. I cannot imagine what this Firefly would look like without them. He is a work of art.

As if all of this wasn't enough, Hasbro added a super cool BLACK Cobra symbol to his forehead. I LOVE it!! It is such a cool little addition, it really gives me faith that Hasbro is taking some time and care in this new line of Joes. Brilliant! The only minor gripe I would have is a lack of gloves. Someone as mysterious and careful as Firefly is should be wearing gloves at all times. However, if he is that careful to conceal his identity, perhaps his fingerprints were removed by laser surgery? A nice thought. I actually like the paint wipes on the hands, too...gives the impression of getting "down and dirty".

Plastic Quality is great, no O-Ring problems. Accessory choices are great, but I am a little preplexed as to why almost everyone comes with Firefly's walkie talkie, except for Firefly?? Ah well, still, a beautiful figure just the same.