SDCC Exclusive Zarana (Cold Slither Variant Release)

Generally for the San Diego ComicCon exclusives, I just do a single review with both variants of the figures combined into one article. I do that because for the most part, the tooling is the same, there are just paint (or accessory) differences that I like to point out.

In Zarana's case, though, I didn't get the Cold Slither variant until a little while after I received the first one, so I wanted to get that one posted first. As such, I probably won't have a whole lot to offer in regards to this version, considering how much I already talked about the regular version.

When it comes to the tooling, this figure shares all of the same parts as the original, and I'm glad for it. The design team has come such a long way in a few short years when it comes to figure sculpting, and Zarana is a perfect example of that. Just standing this figure next to a figure like the original 25th Anniversary Scarlett or Baroness shows you how much the sculpting and overall design work has improved since 2007. It's quite astounding.

The sculpting detail throughout this figure is truly amazing, and the sculpting is only improved by the paint applications. While most Joe fans seemed especially enamored with the 25th Anniversary homage, this version was the one that I was really looking forward to, and I owe old friend Gyre-Viper a huge thank you for helping me track this figure down after HasbroToyShop failed me (and pretty much everyone else).

First of all, this figure is obviously based on the more current Goth stylings than the old school punk rock 80's rendition. I don't have any particular affinity for the Goth aesthetic, but of course the highlight here is her rocking Cold Slither band shirt, a great reference to the Sunbow cartoon and the band that Zartan and the Dreadnoks formed for one of Cobra's many nefarious plots.

Yes, Cobra Commander decided at one point in his life that forming a fake heavy metal band was the best way for him to rule the world.

Ahh, Sunbow.

In a way I'm happy, because without Cold Slither, we wouldn't have had this great shirt. Now please believe me when I say I post these pictures only to show the detail of the shirt. No smarmy comments or Rule 34 references, please.

I've seen folks wondering about at least one of these names, but from what I can tell, this is the tour schedule:

Great Woods, while not a town, is a very popular musical destination in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Above and beyond the great deco on her shirt, Zarana just has a much more modern day look and feel with this figure, and I'm extremely impressed by the little touches like the fishnet on her legs and the star tatoos on her face. It all comes together to give us a great, slightly more modern looking Zarana figure.

For accessories, this version of Zarana is much the same as the other, but the knife is slightly different colors, going with black and silver rather than the gold hilt of the previous version. Beyond that, the accessories are the same and just as cool as they are with the other.

From a tooling perspective, this Zarana is the same as the other, but paint makes all the difference. While I certainly love the vintage homage from the other version, the darker and more modern look of this variant is very awesome, too.

Great weapons, and I absolutely love the paint apps on the torso. Very well done. If I had any complaints, it would be the availability (or lack thereof) considering how hard it is to track this particular figure down. Still, if you can get her, do it, it's a great figure.