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Boxed Set Recap

G.I. Joe: Resolute - Destro

For a minute, as I thought about with Roadblock, I considered copying and pasting my pre-production Destro review, but I've been looking forward to these two sets for so long I really don't want to take any shortcuts... not to mention the fact that there's some serious differences between the two figures that definitely warrant mention.

First and foremost, when I originally saw the concept art for this rendition of Destro, I was immediately in love. It was at that moment that I realized just what kind of genious design mind was behind Resolute and I was thankful to see my beloved property in such capable hands. They managed to maintain the classic Destro flair with the broad shoulders and barrel chest, but worked his unique, 70's collar into a deep blue trenchcoat, which maintained his regal tone, but made him much more grounded and realistic.

Then there were the cybernetic arms...oh those cool as hell cybernetic arms. Unfortunately those arms never made it to the final published Resolute animated feature, so it's still unknown as to whether or not he even has them, but the fact that the toy comes with one is a great attribute.

Now I'm probably in the minority here, but part of me is actually a little upset that the figure didn't get released with a more animated style...Destro especially had such a unique look with that huge chin and that angry face that it seems a shame to see the figure released with the same old generic Destro mask that he had all throughout the 25th Anniversary line. Not even the slightly retooled Pilot Destro head properly captured the feel of the animated version. Still, this non-exaggerated version of the Cobra weapons supplier will fit more seamlessly into the existing G.I. Joe aesthetic, which is something that most fans will certainly appreciate.

With most of the Resolute figures, the base toy borrows a lot of tooling from previous figures, but the joy is in the accessories. This is equally true with Destro, even with such an excellent base figure. Awesome new sculpting, a very dynamic and European look, with some incredible new design. Sure, there is limited articulation below the waist, but how often is Destro really kicking someone in the head?

But as cool as the Destro tooling is, his accessories are the icing on the cake, and it's some damn good icing. First of all, he comes with an awesome robotic arm, which is a little odd, only because the test shot actually came with a pair. The robotic arm is something that we saw in early Resolute concept art, but that never made the translation to the final animation. I, for one, am happy they included it, because robotic arms are cool no matter who has 'em. His briefcase with the removable MP5 is outstanding, of course, complete with a flip-up monitor screen and crazy amounts of detail. But quite possibly my favorite accessory in here? The Tavor assault rifle! I loved seeing him rattle off gunfire with that thing in the Resolute cartoon, and the fact that he can carry it in toy form rocks my world. This is obviously a new piece of tooling that got neglected the first time around, and I'm thrilled to see it included here. So, even though Destro doesn't necessarily come layered in new webgear, the new weapons he has are excellent, and well suited to the character.

Really, I can't think of much to improve on here. Sure, I would have loved a more unique head sculpt, especially considering how different he looked in the cartoon. But he's got a terrific initial design, the sculpting is immaculate, I love the character, and his accessories rock. What else is there to say?