Hints and Tips for the 25th Anniversary figure line

As time has passed, certain changes have taken place in the toy world, and by default, the G.I. Joe world. Folks out there who have collected vintage stuff only are very used to a more rigid, firmer type of plastic that allows for heavy playability and is "built tough for rugged play". Newer toys for the most part use a much softer plastic, which can sometimes result in warpage, breakage, or misshapen limbs. Because of this, I thought maybe it would be a service to the community to share some potential solutions to common problems that may arise.

Please keep in mind that these issues will be relatively ISOLATED INCIDENTS. Don't assume that every figure is going to suffer from these problems...these are all possible problems, but not things that should be commonplace among most figures. I now have eight Anniversary figures, and I have had none of these issues, so I don't think you will either, but it's still a good idea to become familiar with some techniques that have been used by Marvel Legends and Star Wars collectors for years.

1. The new articulation:

-The increased articulation and materials do make the figures  
somewhat more fragile than what you may be used to with previous Joe  
product.  There are little stops in the shoulder and ankle joints -  
little nubs to keep the joints tight.  In some cases these may be too  
tight so there's some things you can do to get the joint mobile  
without breakage.  The first thing to try is applying force gently  
and carefully.  Hold the joint in such a way that you're not bending  
or putting pressure on the joint pin.  If this fails to easily move  
the joint, dip the problem part in hot (not boiling) water for a few  
seconds.  This will soften the plastic, and likely make it easier to  
move.  Articulate the joint a few times while it's soft to loosen it up.
The hands are cast in a softer pvc, and sometimes the wrist pins may  
not rotate properly and may tear if too much stress is applied.  Try  
the same hot water method.
The mid-torso joints are a new thing for Joe as well.  Baroness in  
particular seems to have a fragile one.  Carefully and slowly  
articulate her joint into the desired position.

2. Warpage:

Due to being tightly packed into the tray, some figures or  
accessories may have becomed slightly warped.  Again dip a problem  
part in hot water and gently straighten it.  Baroness's knees seem to  
be the most notable issue.

3.  Specific sculpting:

Some of the figures have had their hands sculpted in specific  
positions to hold accessories or interact with other figures.  You'll  
be surprised at some of the cool stuff they can do.  The holsters are  
generally sized only for one pistol.  In Destro's case, it's the  
thinner-bodied pistol, not the stubby one.

As we run into more potential problems and solutions, we will list them here in an effort to help folks work with these if it becomes necessary.