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As a joint partnership with G.I. Joe HQ I am working to educate folks on the fine points (and not so fine points) of this relatively unknown toyline. Since my re-introduction to the small military action figure market several years ago, I've always been on the lookout for off brand toys and third party vendors that might integrate well into the G.I. Joe line. Especially since I became a dio maker I've realized that you must look outside the box so to speak in order to find certain items that Hasbro just does not make. I've tried Lanard...I've tried InToyz, BBI, and Chap Mei. They all have their bonuses, but in all honesty, the Power Team Elite line has impressed me the most so far.This isn't bogus sales talk, I'm not getting any kickbacks, commisions, or bonuses for talking up these figures and playsets...I'm just saying that the figures are some of the most poseable, fun toys I've tooled around with that weren't made by Hasbro. They definitely aren't perfect, but for the price point that these figures can be found at, who's complaining?Speaking of finding these figures...distribution of this line has been spotty at best and miserable at worst. I've read countless reports online of cool new items coming out, only to rush to my local K-B and finding none of it on the shelves. This is my problem with Chap Mei as well. Well, now perhaps these problems might be solved now that G.I. Joe HQ has stepped up to the plate, and taken over where PowerTeam USA left off.

A lot of Joefans online felt a little uncertain about how PowerTeam USA was handling distribution and ordering of these hard-to-find items, and ultimately, that proved to be their downfall. Without "money in the bank" so to speak, they had to have orders come in first and then distribute when there was enough product to fill those orders to make it worth ordering. Well, now that G.I. Joe HQ has taken over the reigns, they have the buying power to get the items in stock and ready as they do with all of their product. The HQ is an established name in the online Joe fandom and already has a great reputation. That rep will continue when offering these quality products. Curt is a long standing sponsor of the site and is offering a great service to Joe fans (or military toy fans in general). Make sure you guys take him up on it...you'll be pleasently surprised by these toys, I think!

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