G.I. Joe America's Elite #24
Sins of the Mother, Part 4

Writer: Mark Powers
Pencils: Mike Bear
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letters: Brian Crowley
Commanding Officer: Mike O'Sullivan
Military Consultant: Phil Kost


Issue #24 is coming, and it marks the thrilling conclusion to Sins of the Mother. Destro, The Baroness, and the G.I. Joe team all convene in COBRA's headquarters in Honduras, and the results are shocking!


Because I've gotten an early review sample, I am holding off on a summary of the issue until it hits shelves in June.


Mark Powers continues to hit on absolutely all cylinders carrying right through to the end of the Sins of the Mother story arc. Most of the action takes place in Honduras, where COBRA Commander is currently stationed with Blackout and a small dispatchment of COBRA Troopers. Destro has come to face him, and ends up instead facing down The Baroness, all over the fate of their newborn son. The concept of the storyline doesn't sound all that thrilling, but when the Joes show up, and the firefight ensues, the plot moves along quickly and the action is solid.

With close-quarters combat from cover to cover, the writer manages to still lay it all out realistically and keep you on the edge of your seat. Dialogue is as crisp and nicely written as it has been all series, and the military advisor, Phil Kost does an exceptional job laying out the military tactics and weaponry. It all works together very, VERY well. Something the writers have had some trouble with in the past is writing a solid, cohesive story from start to finish. Ongoing plotlines had a tendancy to peter out or get over-convoluted, however Sins of the Mother progresses nicely, and ends well, too. Mr. Powers just seems to have a nack for comic book writing, and really takes full advantage of all 22 pages. A great, revealing conclusion and an awesome lead up to "World War III". By the end of the issue, COBRA Commander stands as one of the most powerful men on the planet, and the progression to such makes sense and works seamlessly. Well, well, done.

The writer has also obviously done his research. Small little comments sprinkled throughout the issue really show a connection to past events and a writer who has a knowledge of the long and storied history of this universe. They're not obvious or overt comments made, but little touches here and there that show someone with a desire to tie this series into the past, and the writing ability to make it make sense.


Mike Bear continues to rock in this issue as well, and to tell the truth I've become very accostamed to the more artistic style used by him and Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and the way he draws each and every character just plain works. From COBRA Commander to Spirit to Blackout, each character is drawn, looking like they should look, his anatomy is great, his style is perfect for this book, and he knows how to draw realistic weapons. His sense of action work very well, and every frame just looks...great. There's nothing really outstanding or amazing about his artwork, but every panel and every page is solidly drawn, laid out spectacularly, and just rendered to near perfection. He manages to draw in small updates to the character's uniforms, yet they still maintain their unique style and look like they should look.

From start to finish, a great issue from an art and story standpoint.


I can't find a single thing to complain about here. The art is crisp and exciting, the Sins of the Mother plotline resolves very, very well, and the start of World War III begins here with a few simple sentances and motions. Powers is writing a compelling story and Bear produces some fantastic art to go along with it...good enough to rope in even non-G.I. Joe fans.

One more issue before the "big one" begins, and things are looking very good! For those of you who have given up on America's Elite, you don't know what you're missing. Do yourself a favor and scoop up these last four issues, I think even the most old school G.I. Joe fan will enjoy them.