G.I. Joe Spy Troops Exclusives - Clear Zartan (Master Collector)

When I first joined Master Collector, I received a free clear 12" figure as an incentive to join. I thought the concept was really pretty neat and immediately tried to think of a way to make a 12" Custom Zartan out of it. I couldn't come up with anything cool, but thankfully Master Collector must have had the same idea, and with the 3 3/4" support flying in, they decided to make a smaller clear figure as an exclusive this year...and surprise! It's Zartan. :)

First and foremost, I do not see this as a figure I will use. Like the Toys R Us Tiger Force set, and the BJ's Exlcusive to a limited extent, this figure is for display only, and in that function he works pretty nicely. The mold is the same mold used for Zartan Waves 2 & 3, and I have to say the mold works pretty neat as a clear figure. The torso is solid plastic while the limbs seem a more soft, almost rubber material. As such the clarity is different in both parts, but still works as a whole. Of course, the figure isn't REALLY clear, but it gives off a nice enough impression to be pretty cool.

Not only that, but the figure comes with a great assortment of pretty neat accessories...a clear battle stand, backpack w/ knife, walkie talkie, submachine gun, and heavy machine gun w/ bipod. This guy is LOADED. Of course, how he got all those weapons clear is beyond me... :)

Still, like I said, this is a display only figure...but it's a figure that serves that purpose well and would be a really neat addition to a collection. If you're a Master Collector member, $5.00 is a small price to pay for this cool little version of Zartan...I suggest you get over there and pick one up if you want to. I believe the offer expires this month.

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