G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Wild Bill

One character in the Joe mythos whose appeal has alluded me over the years, is everyone's favorite cowboy, Wild Bill. Wild Bill was one of those figures and characters that just never really did a whole lot for me. He was a helicopter pilot with a Texan accent, and that's about it. The comic did give him a little more background and a little more appeal, but it just never really hit me. Sure, I use him in my Joe-verse...he's more recognizable and has more personality than any other helicopter pilot out there, but still, he served a purpose for me, but never did much more than that.

Well, this figure changed that.

I know, I know...the big goatee debate...that whole "Stone Cold Steve Austin" comparison...I'm sorry, but Wild Bill with a bald head and goatee is SO cool! I'm not sure why, but this figure really works for me, and even works for me as the crazy Cowboy pilot that this figure is supposed to represent. For once, Wild Bill transcends the pilot seat he's always relegated to and may step out into the battlefield once in a while.

But it's not just the chrome dome and facial hair that make this figure shine...his colors stay true to the originals, all based on the brown uniform that he first sported in 1984. But rather than brown from head to toe, his pants are a cool tan camo motif, and the silver highlights for the bullets and gun handles just make the figure all that more cool. There are really no amazing, stand out details on the figure, but it is crammed with enough smaller ones to really make the overall figure awesome. Those twin pistols...the criss-crossing gun belts. Those twin revolvers he comes with...even the removable cowboy hat. This figure had it all, and isn't just merely a helicopter pilot! I can see this figure standing next to Duke, or Flint, or Beachhead, trading gunfire with Cobra troopers alongside his buddies. That just wasn't something I imagined him doing before now, even though he's had two figures that didn't even come with helicopters.

The assorted pouches, pads and straps all add little touches to the figure that make it all the better as well. I can't honestly think of a thing about this figure that I dislike. His colors are great, his weapons are nice...the mold is fantastic, and his proportions seem spot-on. All in all, this is a figure to get, and heck! Do what I do and get him out of the NAC (even though he looks cool as heck there)!! He belongs on the ground with his buddies, because this figure rocks!...and that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so... :P