G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Ripper

All right...confession time.

I've always hated the Dreadnoks. :/

Yes, this coming from the guy who finds Star Brigade tolerable and actually LIKES the Mega Marines...yes, I hated the Dreadnoks. First of all, let me first say, that I LOVE Zartan and have always loved his character. I just felt like he was saddled with some morons in his organization, and I just found very few redeeming qualities about them. I've never been a big fan of the "class clowns" as it were in regards to bad guys. Evildoers should be threatening or else, they do not serve their purpose and do not instill fear in anyone. Sure, the Dreadnoks were destructive, but they were also dumb and (especially in the cartoon) completely useless. As such, I've never really used them much. In my world, Zartan is much more effective as a loner, and doesn't need the Dreadnoks much, he's better on his own. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever used the Dreadnoks in a Dio-Story...well, now that this Ripper is out, that will have to change.

Ripper has done the impossible. He has made me a Dreadnok fan. In my world, they will be getting a serious re-thinking, though. I don't like them as the dumb, destructive clowns they've been known as for the past 2 decades. I like the punk background, but they need to be smarter...more capable...more dangerous. Ripper is as good a place to start as any.

This figure takes an 80's reject and brings him right into the 21st century! With the updated wardrobe and facial hair, Ripper becomes a terrific update, looking just as dangerous as his mowhawked visage looked back in 1985. His mold is great, with a large, almost body-builder physique, a tank-top and twin shoulder straps chock full of nastiness. I LOVE the spike knuckled knife and the assorted items strapped to his large biceps. Even the tanktop itself has some great detail in it, actually looking like a woven pattern. The pants only add to this overall theme, with a cool, original camo pattern and color scheme, with some different browns and greens that look excellent! A very different color, but a nice one...it almost seems like there's a hint of pink in there, but it's so masked, that it looks like a great new hue. The kneepads are equally cool and I love the wrapping on his arms and legs both. The metal plated gloves look just plain painful and the Zartan tattoo is such an awesome touch. Not only that, but look at his hat...there's a Cobra symbol there as well. Nicely done, Hasbro.

Then of course, there's his rifle. A combination M-16 and sawed off shotgun, this is a terrific idea for a weapon, and I think it suits the Dreadnoks perfectly. Sure, Ripper doesn't come with any destructive weaponry, but with how I'm re-thinking the Dreadnoks, he won't need any of that stuff...the shotgun will come in much handier! :)

With Ripper and Duke both in this pack, buying this one is a no-brainer! These are probably two of the best figures in this wave, and quite possibly the best figures in 2002! Seek these figures out immediately!