G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Storm Shadow v.2

Well, as much as I supported Wave 1 as it was released, seeing Waves 2 and 3 really made me realize how insufficient the Wave 1 molds are...this Storm Shadow is no different.

He seems short and stocky, and these colors just do NOT work for him. Which is really too bad...this mold is a great one overall, if only it were retro-fitted for an O-Ring, I would be thrilled. However, with the lack of it, this figure suffers mightely, especially in the same package as the cool as heck Agent Scarlett. I tried to put him in some cool fighting poses with his sword-brother, but it just didn't work out too well.

I can only hope that Hasbro gets on the ball with Storm Shadow and gives him a much-needed update like they gave ole Snakes...his new sculpt is fantastic, and I really think Hasbro could do the same thing with Tommy...until then, I'll use my custom figure.

I would almost say avoid buying this pack, except that the Scarlett figure makes up for the Storm Shadow...she is a great one, and makes this pack worth buying even with a shoddy Stormy as her pack-in partner.