G.I. Joe vs. Cobra - Sgt. Stalker v.2

When Wave 2 hit, that version of Stalker quickly became a fan favorite, and one of my favorites as well! His great mold and detailing mixed with some cool and eclectic colors really made this version of the classic character shine.

They kept his beret, gave him a more modern edge, but managed to maintain Stalker's classic coolness and translated him perfectly into the 21st Century. Now, as Wave 3 comes along, things look even better!

Normally I am against a glut of repaints, but from what I've seen with Wave 2 and 3, the repaints are really improving upon the original paint schemes and going in a completely new direction. I would still prefer new molds than mere new paint apps, but a lot of these new paint schemes really add some coolness to the figures.

This version of Stalker has a little more tan and brown, and a little less green. His jacket is a more muted tone, being a duller, darker green than the Wave 2 version. He's got a tan beret (just like a real modern day Ranger!) and much lighter pants. The color scheme is more varied than the earlier version, and that works. But, it actually works better for me as a combination...in a few pictures below, you'll notice I took Wave 2's legs and put them on Wave 3's Torso, arms, and head. The result is an overall much darker and a much cooler version of this character, at least in my book. This is one thing that repaints are good for...they give you some options to pick and choose your favorite parts and make an overall better figure.

But, I still think Hasbro needs to push the envelope a little bit more. I am not looking forward to years and years of the same figures coming in out in subsequent waves, merely with some different paint schemes. Not only will it get expensive, but it will give us less actual figures throughout the line, which I am not a fan of. It does appear as Wave 5 comes around, though, this practice is being toned down, which is great news in my book.

So how do I like the Wave 3 Stalker? I like him...he's a decent update. I don't really see a NEED for the update, but it works. As it turns out, I like my custom version even better, but again, I'd have rather had a new 2-Pack than more repaints...

Quick little custom using the Wave 2 Stalker waist/legs